The Brothers Karamazov.

By: Fyodor Dostoevsky

I am currently reading this novel for a class, and it is very interesting. Set in 1870s Russia, one that just emancipated the serfs, it is full of very human characters. The writing of Dostoevsky is unlike any that I have ever come across before, and it speaks a lot about his own personal character.

From Fyodor Pavlovich to Alyosha Karamazov, each character is so unique. They are all so complex. I have just finished book 3 of 12 of The Bros. Karamazov. If you are looking for a novel to trudge through but enjoy, this might suit you.

The Brothers Karamazov evolves around the key questions in Russia at the time. Pro and Contra (For and Against) and the discussion of God are continually discussed. The base characters, though despicable, sometimes have the most enlightening conversations.

The painting at the very bottom is The Contemplator by Ivan Kramskoy (1876). It was just described by Dmitri Pavlovich in the novel, and boy does he have a lot to contemplate! I thought I would include the image to give you some perspective of what the novel features.

Though the The Brothers Karamazov is a difficult and mature read, it is rewarding after every page. I recommend it so far, and give it a shot if you’re interested!

All the best,



UPDATE 5/18/2017: So, I’ve finished my second year of college now! My brother just graduated as well, we go (now went) to the same university ❤

But, I finished The Brothers Karamazov along with my Dostoevsky class. It was amazing, and I really loved it. My class put on a trial of Ivan Karamazov, and I was the lead prosecutor. My professor told me she was really proud of me, and I worked so hard on it (about three weeks total in preparation). Dostoevsky has become one of my favorite authors, but Anna Karenina remains my favorite novel to this day. Overall, really loved the ingeniousness of this book! That’s all!


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