Being a Russian Area Studies Major.

So, this is kinda hard to explain.

I go to university, but we’ll keep the specific one unclear. I just finished my second year, finals are done, my brother just graduated, and I have two weeks before I go on vacation to Savannah, GA. BTW, the cover picture above is from the morning of the graduation 🙂 After a family vacation, I am off to an intensive summer language program to learn 2nd year Russian in 8 weeks time.

It’s gonna be real intense.

But what I wanted to talk about is my major. I am a Russian area studies major. I’m learning Russian currently, then after that I’ll move on to Ukrainian (which is super similar) then BCS (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian). I absolutely love learning Russian, and I am so grateful I have the opportunity to study it. It’s so unique and I put as much effort into it as I can, and I prioritize it over all my other studies. This is why I am spending the summer learning Second-Year Russian, because I need to learn as much Russian as I can while I am in school.

Learning and understanding a language is how you truly come to know a culture. The people are in the language, they made it. So I also study Russian literature and history. That is what led me to my Dostoevsky class, which was absolutely brilliant and I am so grateful that I happened upon that class.

I have been very blessed, my university has such an amazing Russian Area Studies Center that is filled with people who share a love for this facet of knowledge. It’s people like Dostoevsky and Tolstoy that started a love for Russia that has brought me to this moment in life. When I picture Imperial Russia, I imagine not the poorly-done emancipation of the serfs, but a golden, twinkling era of extravagance and beauty. I am also aware this life was only available to a very small number of people and led to such acts as Bloody Sunday and the eventual rise of communism.

But what I wanted to convey most in this post is: If you are interested, I am here to let you know this does exist, and for someone like me it’s a dream to study. I want to be a Russian Area Studies Expert and work on a government level with increasingly-difficult political relations with Russia.

It is through learning that we can truly understand a people and their motives. Not for political advantage, but for respect. If we respect a people and know why they make decisions, and the continual reasons for them, then we open the door for true international relations. If there is to be a State Department, it should be run effectively, which is what I want to help do. Not for gain, but to shed light on people that have recently been labeled only by their leadership. This can also be applied in reverse, and how the United States should not be known just by their president.

International relations exist, and if states want effective communication, then it is of the utmost importance to have members of the state with actual knowledge of the political and historical situation. If governments are run by inept leaders, then we are not truly serving the people as our constitution promised us to.

This post is a bit different, but this makes up a large portion of what I dedicate my time to. Members of government are not all gray pantsuit-wearing hooligans. It is passion that wills people to lead.

I hope reading this gave you more of an idea of who I am, and what I do.

All the best,



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