Hullo! I’m on ~Spring Break~ and I have time for some doodles now.

I started doing this a couple nights ago, just playing around with an app called Autodesk Sketch on my Samsung Chromebook Pro. It’s a touch screen with a stylus, which makes it really easy to be creative and precise.

I thought I’d share some on here, because where else would they see the light of day?

First Sketch:


This was just me playing around with color whilst procrastinating a paper I had to write (which is now done ;)) It has no rhyme or reason, I just added what I liked. I am proud of this sketch because it shows that I’m growing as a person, doing more what I prefer to do.

Second Sketch:


Ok, I’m not really proud of this one. Painting is hard. Nuff’ said.

Third Sketch:


I’m better at creating backgrounds, I think. I like the 90s’ vibe.

Fourth Sketch:


This one isn’t done, and I just started it a couple hours ago. But I like how it looks so far.

Well, that’s it!



Cold Weather.


Today was the first day of classes back at university!

I’m not very excited for this semester because it’s so cold! Очень холодно!

But I had to pick up some books and meet some people, and it was snowing pretty hard. I looked down… and woah! Cute little snowflakes of all different shapes and sizes.



It’s the little things in life, I guess.

Это все!

Искренне Ваша,


Snowy Days.

Hello, it’s very cold where I live right now, so I decided to share some photos.

I’ve been very busy with school, I go to university, but in a week I have Spring Break! THANK GOODNESS (I need sleep and the ability to watch Netflix without feeling guilty about it). Right now I’m writing papers and studying for class, but I wanted to post something.

Side note: I’m still reading The Brothers Karamazov, and I have a lot of thoughts. THOUGHT ONE: I love this book. THOUGHT TWO: Dostoevsky is a master at his craft. THOUGHT THREE: Dmitri didn’t do it (I just finished Book 8 last night).

Anyways… here are some snowy photos. Maybe you’ll get a cold draft just looking at them 🙂



(They are blurry, I was on the bus)


Have a cup of tea for me!

All the best,


UPDATE 3/13/2017:

It snowed again today, and I made sure to take clearer (better) pictures! I thought these could be interesting for those who live in warmer climates. ❤

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